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Renew your Mind, Transform Your Life:  How can we grow without true knowledge of what needs to be changed and removed from out being.  Renewing the mind comes with accepting change for a better way of living.  When we take the time to find out who we are and why we are here; it becomes clear how we should be living.  There are standards we must hold up and abide by.  A daily review of self, learning how to honor what is right, will, in time transform your life.  We are all distined for success, but success only comes when we are willing to work and share the success with others.  When we learn nothing in this world belongs only to us, but must be shared so others can be blessed as well; Life takes on a new turn for the better..........

Transforming Anew Topics

  • There is Too Much Weight In The Pew
  • You Said NO! Now What? (Purity Project)
  • 21 Week of Mental Reconstruction
  • Our Thoughts Are Things
  • Who Am I and Why Am I Here?
  • Knowing God For yourself
  • Renew Your Mind, Transform Your Life
  • Loving Me, Loving You
  • Study To Show Yourself Approved
  • You Say You Want Chane; You Change
  • Raising Children in This World



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Minister Taylor is availble for engagements.  Fill out the form below or contact us at 203-983-9151.


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