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A note from the Purity Project:

Ladies, stop giving away samples.  Single ladies, treat your body as the jewel that is it.  When we give our body to a man that is not your husband is giving a sample of yourself that is not respected, loved, and is taken for granted.  Take a moment and think about what you believe you are worth.  Your worth is far greater than you know.  You are a gift and you are a well respect lady.  When you lay with a man you give a part of yourself away. You take on a piece of that man which God does not approve of.  One of the main reason We wait until marriage is to remain free from from multiple husbands.  So this is something to consider before you lay with anyone.  bless


Date: 7/2/2011 6:55 PM UTC

This is an important question in the Purity Project.  When a young lady (girl) says no to sex outside of marriage, what is the next step to keep herself pure and over come the obstables she will be faced with?

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