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Each year our focus is to change, expand and multiply. This year, 2010 we have added on to our mission.

One of the missions of Dance Like David is to develop and place talented minority youth in business and industry and prepare them for corporate and community leadership.

Dance Like David seeks high performing minority students for leadership opportunities within our company to prepare them for the major dance companies and/or theaters. Under the leadership of Transforming Anew, members of Dance Like David go through rigorous developmental training process which challenge them to commit to excellence and raise the bar on their personal expectations.

Know where you're going
Set and achieve personal and academic goals. Go to school Plan to pursue a degree at an accredited four-year college or university.

Perform well in class
Maintain a B or better average and remain in good standing with your school, your Corporate Sponsor and Dance Like David

Commit to your plan
Attend regularly scheduled training and coaching sessions.

Impress (Your best can always become better)
Perform job assignments to the satisfaction of your Corporate Sponsor and Dance Like David Let us know how you are doing Communicate regularly with Dance Like David staff.

Give back
Participate in community service and leadership projects.

We know you can do it. It's up to you to prove it. Dance Like David ~ We do more than dance

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Rehearsal dates:  Every Saturday @ 11am 

Full tech:  February 20, 2018 @ CCSU @ 5pm

Show:  February 21, 2018 @ 10am Call time is 7am

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