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From the Boat to Obama

 On May 21, 2014 “From the boat to Obama” celebrated it fifth annual success. Critics described the play as being “captivating from beginning to the end” and as a “must see for everyone.” The play began with the capture of African Americans from their home land and from there it took the audience on a journey to the  present time; using song, dance, dramatic interpretations and poetry punctuated with a photographic slide show. The performers made chronological, historic “short stops” in various eras. The play consisted of: the capture and destruction of Black Wall Street the reconstruction, moving to Texas which identified Juneteenththe Harlem Renaissance, the Civil Rights Movement, the Sixteen Street Church experience and more ending with present-day history makers like Barack Obama. “From the Boat to Obama” was like watching history in slow motion.




October 11th and 12th, 2017  will mark the 8th year From The Boat to Obama & Beyond have been on stage bringing history alive so students can enjoy learning through the performing arts.  It is our intention to bring diversity to every school in a favorable way teaching students and educators how to bridge gaps we have today not only with education but with every aspect of life.  

As you watch the show you will see where pain was replaced with forgiveness and love.  you will see people learning how to come together and build the great community named "Black Wall Street"; you will see how it was created and how it was destroyed.

We hope you enjoy the Show.

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